Financial security

SUPERFLUIDITY Keep your investment safe and secure

SUPERFLUIDITY to ensure financial security Take specific strategies

Fund isolation

The funds of SUPERFLUIDITY customers are completely separated from the company's operating funds and are kept in separate bank accounts. Our company can only transfer funds for trading purposes under the authorization of the customer, and no one or organization can withdraw funds from the client's trading account. We also designated an international accounting consultant company for external auditing, and strictly implemented the high-level guidelines of the regulatory agencies on the “customer funds use” and “funding sufficient” regulations.

Financial security

SUPERFLUIDITY designates the top international bank as the client fund trust bank. The client funds received by SUPERFLUIDITY will be deposited into the bank's independent client fund trust account on the day of receipt of the funds or before the next business day,and a series of internal control measures will be established to Maintain customer funds security.

• Customer deposits and withdrawals need to be approved by different ranks according to the amount of money required.

• Maintain the company's cash flow to the customer's ratio of 1 to 1

• Customer transaction settlement funds are independently deposited, daily reconciliation

SUPERFLUIDITY provides customers with extra Value-added service guarantee

No negative balance guarantee

In order to allow customers to trade securely, SUPERFLUIDITY provides customers with “no negative balance guarantee”, that is, there will be no negative balances in the customer account, and no additional arrears will be incurred to ensure that the maximum potential loss is the deposited funds. The risk is strictly controlled within the acceptable range.

*Note: No negative balance guarantee does not apply to all customers.

User privacy information protection

SUPERFLUIDITY strictly protects the user's private information. Without the consent of the customer, SUPERFLUIDITY will not disclose your personal information, account information and transaction information to any third party company, organization or individual (except as otherwise provided by laws and regulations).

SUPERFLUIDITY user self-protection reminder

Set an advanced password for your trading account

It is recommended that users set up for trading accounts’ password for mixing numbers and letters, And the password must be 8 characters long.

Pay attention to the safety of the computer operating environment

Regularly update your computer for your system and install anti-virus software or fire protection, In case system vulnerabilities are exploited by hackers.

Always pay attention to protecting personal privacy

Do not disclose personal information such as personal information to other users at any time, in case personal information is stolen and caused losses.

Withdrawal binding

SUPERFLUIDITY does not accept third party withdrawal tips. It also stipulates that customers can only transfer funds to the bank account under the customer's name when withdrawing money. The client's funds are strictly protected.